If you’ve arrived at this page, you’ve arrived at the blog of the Information Design & Communication (IDC) program at Southern Polytechnic State University. We’re located in Marietta, GA but don’t let our physical location limit your thinking about higher education.

We’re a graduate program housed in the English, Tech Comm, & Media Arts department in the School of Arts & Sciences. We’re also primarily an online program. You don’t have to live in the Atlanta area, Georgia, or even the US to attend our classes.

As a graduate program, we offer three grad-level credentials: a master’s degree (MS IDC) and two graduate certificates. The first certificate is called the Graduate Certificate in Technical Communication. Our other certificate is an Advanced Certificate (with concentrations). Our department is also home to our interdisciplinary master’s degree in Information and Instructional Design (MS IID).

What makes us special? We’re not a large program but we fill a unique niche in the academic area of technical and professional communication. Because we’re located at a STEM university–that’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math–we blend the theoretical and applied aspects of learning into a valuable experience for our students. We haven’t abandoned the humanities either; we bring writing, design, and qualitative research methodologies into the mix.

Our students come to the program with a variety of undergraduate degrees. We get history majors, IT grads, and even a few engineers.

The best way to learn more about us is to read the post “What is Information Design“. Here, you’ll find out how we evolved from being a Technical Communication program to a program in Information Design & Communication.

Our departmental website is: idc.spsu.edu


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