Where are they now? A voice from the present.

You’ve probably looked at our list of courses for the spring and wondered “Where will these take me? What will my future look like?” Courses, as single offerings in a list, don’t always sum up the big picture, do they? It’s really about what they mean as a whole–an aggregate set of competencies.

Of course, that can be hard to see when you’re on the outside looking in or when you’re in the eye of the coursework storm, so to speak. But, there is real value in your IDC coursework and that became crystal clear for me just moments ago. This morning, I received an email from a student in my IDC 6135 Website Design class. She’s busting with enthusiasm because she recently accepted an offer for a job. And, it’s a job she LOVES.

Our student–I’ll call her LB–wrote:

I got that job I was telling you about. Aside from being completely overwhelmed with classes and starting a new job, it’s been a dream. The job encompasses aspects of every class I’ve taken in the program. I probably couldn’t ask for a better opportunity. In the short time I’ve been there, I’ve been consumed with technical communication: educational and marketing materials, designing websites and content, leading communication efforts, preparing scripts/templates, writing blurbs/articles, and am planning to draft a social media editorial calendar to see if it will fly for the project.


I can just feel the sheer enthusiasm she’s got for the new position and all the different types of projects it includes. It is exciting to see what a student is doing–I can see pieces from the classes she’s taken with me and every other member of the IDC faculty. Seeing these pieces come alive in a professional setting is even better.

LB got this new position via a connection she made in one of our classes. Through group work and other student-to-student interactions, she made an excellent connection with JJ. As a part-time master’s student and fulltime working professional, JJ is very typical of the person you’ll meet in our programs. He got to know LB and when JJ heard of a specific job opportunity, he knew just the person to recommend–it was LB. Goes to show the power of networking in school, doesn’t it?

LB also told me:

I would never have been in this position without the program and everything I’ve learned from you and Drs. B,H,and O in the last 2 years…as well as the contacts developed. Great endorsement for the caliber of the program.

Aw, shucks! But in all honesty, LB….we can’t thank you enough for taking what you’ve learned and making it your own. It’s great to see where you are right now and to think about where you’ll take your IDC degree in your future. Keep us posted.


About Dr. LP

I'm an assistant professor of information design and communication at SPSU in Marietta, GA. I'm teaching grad classes in information architecture, web design, writing across media, and practices of professional communication. My current interests focus on the future of technical communication and how it will include content strategy, curation, and integrated social media.
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