Spring 2012 Offerings

Registration for Spring 2012 has opened for Information Design & Communication and Information & Instructional Design graduate students, as well as graduate certificate students. As I look over our course offerings for this coming semester, I see a mini-history of the changing field of technical communication:

IDC 5001 Writing in the Professions
IDC 5002 Graphics in the Professions
IDC 6001 Professional Practices of Communication
IDC 6002 Information Design
IDC 6030 Foundations of Graphics
IDC 6035 Information Graphics
IDC 6045 Foundations of Multimedia
IDC 6110 Communications Project Management
IDC 6145 Performance Technology
IDC 6150 Marketing Communication
IDC 6903 Content Strategy

While we still place a high importance on strong writing skills as a foundation for professional work, we have increased the number and range of courses we offer that focus on developing the strategic decision making skills that are so important within leadership positions in professional and technical communication. A great number of our applied skills courses frame content development and content management as a design challenge, integrating image, sound and text in ways that best serve users’ needs and a medium’s affordances. We’re excited about this coming semester’s offerings–and the direction our curriculum is heading as we continue to fine tune our certificates and degrees within a rapidly changing profession.

Not yet a student at Southern Polytechnic State University? There’s still a little bit of time to apply to one of our graduate degree programs or graduate certificate programs. We have extended our deadline to November 15!

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